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Eastpak, a Spring-Summer 2011 collection full of variety and color

Eastpak is one of those firms that always know to convince their buyers by Several factors that are repeated throughout this collection clearly. The first is the wide range and variety of models offered. Are too well known and their capsule collections (Which we will discuss now) and the integrated models in which the second factor, which is the quality, Which plays an important role in their designs because people would be motivated to buy as long as worthwhile. Continue reading

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Nail Ring

Nails done well enhance any production. But this rush we ready for the week between work and home commitments, not always have time to touch up enamel.

Result: enamel chipped. There was a time when chipped nail was fashionable in England, But let’s face it: it is ugly Especially when you’re dark glaze, hanging out with your fingernail peeling. Continue reading

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Average for all tastes

They take your socks off! And ask yourselves, when have not been? Reason you carry, half have been there and will be forever. What would become of us females who love skirts, and dresses cheap without this garment? Nothing! So, nothing like giving a review of the trends for spring means is about to arrive.

And, once again, we’re lucky: take averages almost all, Obviating the grid and some more fabric. Light and dark, patterned or plain, in all colors and all details, Settings means you want! Continue reading

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Commemorative collection of ruffles Miu Miu

The mark Miu Miu, To celebrate Valentine’s Day in the northern hemisphere, launches commemorative collection composed of many frills.

Unlike Brazil, Europe and other northern countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

The line consists of Accessories girlySuch as cases for ipad, handbags, necessary, tiara hair, earrings with details of ruffles and flowers. Continue reading

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Ray Ban Aviator Glasses

Glasses Ray Ban not go out of style and are always seen in the most famous faces and hipsters of the world. A classic fashion Became synonymous with independence, boldness and freedom. Modern, sleek and elegant, its origin date the 20sWhen the aviation industry grew.

And the choice of the target audience was no problem: men and women identified themselves with the image of the glasses, which referred to strength and courage. But is that the classic Ray Ban Aviator model matches any face shape? Does Glasses Ray Ban Aviator suit you? Continue reading

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