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Katy Perry takes on futuristic new clip

Not the movie “Avatar” from James Cameron, but Kate Perry camouflaged under a make futuristic pop singer who has taken on new clip of his single “ET” .

The pop singer appears always been emphasizing on the look, but this time she seems to have outdone himself. She has appeared Barbie, has used rabbit ears to celebrate Easter and now, look quite different. Continue reading

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The most common types of smoothing

There is a multitude of techniques and products to straighten your hair , regardless of type, texture and length of the wires . The cosmetic industry has evolved and adapted to the needs of women who want to wire more smooth and looks natural and healthy . Continue reading

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New collection makes Givenchy Summer 2011

The Summer 2011 (in the northern hemisphere) of Givenchy promises to be colorful and vibrant colors as well. The new collection is called Acid Summer. Continue reading

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CXIX beauty tips

This week has been very intense and both Jared and Captivating have been present in the NYFW 2011. Laura Martin has given the best of itself for us to be informed directly of the trends in fashion and makeup of those fittings and fashion shows could go.

You have already read the interviews with Toni Francesc the end of their parade in NY or photos of the parade of Custo . But there is more information and images that you can not miss. Continue reading

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Jennifer Lopez is the poster girl of the line of L’Oreal Infallible

The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is the new girl of Infallible make-up line, the brand L’Oreal. Jennifer is investing in all directions. It is not the first advertisement which it participates. Recently she participated in a campaign of razors and also participated in the campaign to l ine infant Gucci alongside the children. Continue reading

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