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Tips bikinis for chubby

There are some myths that end up taking the airs of truth when the matter concerns chubby using bikinis. All bullshit. Demure people Thing.

Of course, what really counts is the woman feel good wearing what you chose. But here’s the myths that tend to influence the chubby when choosing (or not choose) a bathing suit: Continue reading

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The Aviary 2011

The Aviary collection done by Australian label ‘We Are Handsome’ represents a series of designed prints each one representing a mythical bird from one of the worlds mythologies. I love the idea behind the collection and the fact that the paterns are not repeated, making each suit unique giving you a sense of individuality. Girls, it’s time to get in to shape and these suits will make you look hot, that’s for sure. The zipper suit is an absolute MUST have. Well done guys.

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Victoria’s Secret Swim 2011

Despite finding the Brazilian bikinis simply unbeatable, modeling, fabric, durability, everything. … I think we are always attentive to legal news that foreign brands bring to us, international trends are strong and, despite not having the same tastes and habits, especially in relation to parts of the bottom, it is always worthwhile to keep an eye!

As for the bodies of models. … It does not even need to comment right, after all, are the Angels!

The bottoms appear in this collection with details or links placed on either side. Since the tops are strapless, or structured soft cup, cup is half or shower curtain. The May style “fool Mother” remains high, helping to shape the body.

How much? Between $ 24.00 and U.S. $ 98.00.

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