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International perfume advertising awards given

The Oscar-known fragrances, FiFi Awards announced the finalists in the 2011 edition held by The Fragrance Foundation in New York. Some fragrances are competing famous, among them those of Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Chanel, Thierry Mugler and Hermes, among others competing this year.

The awards take place on April 25 in New York and has only two categories: Best Female and Best Fragrance Men’s Fragrance.

Among the fragrances that are competing for the prize for best of the year is the perfume or Demon Ange Le Secret , Givenchy, which is a feminine scent with floral composition, fruity and oriental touches.

The fragrance from Givenchy has floral compositions, with jasmine tea, fruity and oriental touches of orange, mandarin, white thyme and saffron. The perfume has notes of orchid Maxillaria brings, ylang-ylang, cedar, rosewood, vanilla and tonka bean.

Among the men’s fragrances , is running for the prize Bleu Chanel , whose campaign had the video’s director no less than Martin Scorsese.

The scent of Chanel Bleu is woody and citrus and woody fragrance mix plus Frankincense, ginger, sandalwood.

The list of complete set follows on the website of The Fragrance Foundation . Surely some of them you know or have heard.


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