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Nail Ring

Nails done well enhance any production. But this rush we ready for the week between work and home commitments, not always have time to touch up enamel.

Result: enamel chipped. There was a time when chipped nail was fashionable in England, But let’s face it: it is ugly Especially when you’re dark glaze, hanging out with your fingernail peeling.

Worse, just when it costs you to leave your nails grow, and when they are big and beautiful, one breaks, forcing you to grind and cut all others.

Do not know if these were the inspirations of Swedish designer Anna-Sara Davik to create its unusual gem: a ring to the nails. But it is an excellent alternative to these misfortunes.

Done in silver or gold, the ring is available in five different sizes, one for each finger, and can be purchased individually or as a kit with 10 in Web site Designer.

But that does not mean you must use all 10 at once, unless it is to grow an astronaut costume or Lady Gaga, ok?

Despite the eccentricity, I would use super as an alternative solution posted above. And you have the courage?

February 27, 2011 - Posted by | accessories, trend

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