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Eastpak, a Spring-Summer 2011 collection full of variety and color

Eastpak is one of those firms that always know to convince their buyers by Several factors that are repeated throughout this collection clearly. The first is the wide range and variety of models offered. Are too well known and their capsule collections (Which we will discuss now) and the integrated models in which the second factor, which is the quality, Which plays an important role in their designs because people would be motivated to buy as long as worthwhile. Continue reading

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Indeed, not all cowboys are so similar as it seems

Sure many of you you will have noticed that in the collections, there are certain items such as blazers, jackets or even in the world of accessories such as shoes or luggage, that the possibility of progress and innovate in terms of cuts, which will include accessories and are removed, the colors, the new technologies in fashion or not to go further in the patterns, are large and quite powerful and effective . Continue reading

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Cristiano Ronaldo or saturate a single signature Gucci

If there is something you can not deny Cristiano Ronaldo at least in fashion terms, is that he still has much to learn . In sport, both literally and figuratively speaking if we look at fashion, the kid known to operate with ease and rushes their looks the most: it tries to be smart enough with a joint or at least colorful, and commitment to the aerodynamic design and comfort. But as goes outside the playing field, all the glamor is lost unless you do something to bet a lot lately: go “all against one to one brand. And of course if we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, the firm is Gucci . Continue reading

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