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The best look of the week Jared. 21 to February 27

We are a Saturday more by reviewing all the looks that have appeared this week. At the gates of Oscar Awards Gala 2011We must decide which actress it girl and others has been the best dressed of the day. Parties, front rows, premieres… And, who said life was easy for a famous? Think of all the outfits that you wear to go God always no easy task, and less when there is such a critical public as we … Continue reading

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Alexa Chung, who stars in the Journal of Net-a-porter

Alexa Chung do not stop! We have seen recently in the fashion week in London and now we see actor in the new edition of the online magazine of Net-a-porter. The girl has been chosen as bait for the multi-brand store in images where it is really beautiful. Continue reading

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The new album by Vanessa Paradis, photographed by Lagerfeld, dressed by Chanel

Could not be otherwise. Since that fragrance campaign COCO in 1991, the connection between the more petite diva from France, Vanessa Paradis and the Kaiser German Karl Lagerfeld has been an ongoing love story with a new happy ending. Vanessa Paradis tour opens this week at the theater beacon in New York what are the new dates of your disk une nuit Versailles, graphic content is the result of the merger of several genius. Continue reading

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Stegner Julian style, Lisa Kemp Muhl and Montenegro on the feast of Maybelline NY

Everything good is gone and the Gateway of New York is coming to an end. We still have many things yet to tell, and we will go step by step. Today, two different looks of two different models.

On the one hand, Germany’s Julia Stegner . I also assure you that I almost wore heels and head out. Melana smile and a blonde that was to be the center of attention. Furthermore, Kemp Muhl , also a model, more loud and his inseparable Sean Lennon at his side. In addition to Lisa and Emily DiDonato Montenegro. Continue reading

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Zoe Kravitz style

Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of 22 years of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Her beauty is obvious, but what we love Zoe his style of dress when. Despite his young age, Zoe has already garnered through their eyes looks and good taste by choosing outfits.

Firms like Alexander Wang or Vera Wang have laid claim to their campaigns and understand it, Zoe is really beautiful! In the picture above you can see Zoe, an image of Paris Eleven. In JaredWe show best looks. Look! Continue reading

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