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Marion Cotillard star campaign and video of the Dior handbag

The star of “Piaf: A Hymn to Love” and winner of an Oscar, Marion Cotillard is the poster girl of the new campaign of Dior ‘s bag Bag Lady. In the new campaign the French actress appears, instead of scenery in the French capital, appears in scenes in the Russian capital, against the backdrop of St Basil’s Cathedral. Continue reading

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The Bags Dancing

Enough anguish time to choose the bag it will take when go out dancing. Be holding the bag all night will not be problem. Now this accessory will be a point in its charming look.

The “Dancing Bags”Of Amalia Mattaör have a super practical ergonomics that will not interfere in anything Fever of the night out dancing. Used directly on the skinAs accessories or jewelry, handbags become a extension of the body of women.

Anticipating the needs of any demanding customer, Amalia Mattaör combined artistically leather and jewelry. The materials are noble and refined, with a practical and stylish designMeticulously shaped to be differentBy making an accessory luxury object, Contemporary and fatally glamorous.

The Italian manufacturing was designed to ensure the luxury “eco-friendly”. The Most skins and hides used in this collection come from edible fishSuch as salmon or eel, and are also extremely soft and comfortable when used directly on skin.

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Hello Kitty Bags: Spring-Summer 2011

Hello Kitty celebrates its spring-summer 2011 with a collection of handbags and accessories, trendy and cool as ever. The line is now beloved by young and old celebrated the summer reinventing classics and entirely new forms in which triumph bright colors, in line with the policy of a brand that has made fun of his fashion eye-catching but a must that brought the success and worldwide fame, reserving a place in the heart of several stars, including overseas.

The brand we all know: Hello Kitty, is loved by celebrities and after his models in eco-leather with fluttering ruffles last year, here’s the new collection, always colorful, fun and trendy, but the most minimal lines. Continue reading

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Scholarships sweatshirt

Hard to resist a so practical and comfortable fabric. The scholarships sweatshirt, Which had invaded the closets with clothes and shoes, are also imbued Accessories. The plot detached from the cold, pajamas and gym clothes and now gives a super cool style for scholarships.

Scholarships sweatshirt, they can be used in everyday life. They are pieces with bold design By proposing a detached attitude to your look. The accessory provides a very modern look and comes in assorted colors. But the ash remains the big bet for the most tuned. Continue reading

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Jack Alessandro Carrer Bags

Of recycling We talked several times but usually it is to revive something that is no longer used in its original function. To Alessandro Carrera however, the concept borders on that of convertibility: the same object can have two souls and to fulfill the dual function very well, as amended.

In the case of its Jack Bags For example, each item becomes a bag or coats depending on how you fold. The clutch or the clutch are unexpected: no images of being able to make a vest or a raincoat in the form of mini-cape.

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