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Nail Ring

Nails done well enhance any production. But this rush we ready for the week between work and home commitments, not always have time to touch up enamel.

Result: enamel chipped. There was a time when chipped nail was fashionable in England, But let’s face it: it is ugly Especially when you’re dark glaze, hanging out with your fingernail peeling. Continue reading

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The best look of the week Jared. 21 to February 27

We are a Saturday more by reviewing all the looks that have appeared this week. At the gates of Oscar Awards Gala 2011We must decide which actress it girl and others has been the best dressed of the day. Parties, front rows, premieres… And, who said life was easy for a famous? Think of all the outfits that you wear to go God always no easy task, and less when there is such a critical public as we … Continue reading

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Benetton catalog Spring-Summer 2011. A proposal for styling 10

Honors. The list of Spring-Summer 2011 Benetton has come to light and I have no more than put a remarkable high. Will I be a “teacher” generous? In my view has everything we expect, color, group photos, smiles .. but this time, unlike winter catalog that left me in one or other or not, its styling, color combinations, perfect placement of models, clothing and styles have left me speechless. Continue reading

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The 10 best looks of the Fashion Week in New York

Once the Fashion Week in New York plays to take stock of the best we’ve seen these days. The New Yorker makes real fashion runway, commercial and nothing bizarre, so give us a good preview of what will be next autumn-winter 2011/2012 .

The last word always is Paris, of course, which parade the biggest names in fashion today. But reviewing parades in New York, we can go outlining the trends that will take the coming winter.

So should stay with 10 key looks from Fashion Week in New York . They are: Continue reading

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Cristiano Ronaldo or saturate a single signature Gucci

If there is something you can not deny Cristiano Ronaldo at least in fashion terms, is that he still has much to learn . In sport, both literally and figuratively speaking if we look at fashion, the kid known to operate with ease and rushes their looks the most: it tries to be smart enough with a joint or at least colorful, and commitment to the aerodynamic design and comfort. But as goes outside the playing field, all the glamor is lost unless you do something to bet a lot lately: go “all against one to one brand. And of course if we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, the firm is Gucci . Continue reading

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