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Average for all tastes

They take your socks off! And ask yourselves, when have not been? Reason you carry, half have been there and will be forever. What would become of us females who love skirts, and dresses cheap without this garment? Nothing! So, nothing like giving a review of the trends for spring means is about to arrive.

And, once again, we’re lucky: take averages almost all, Obviating the grid and some more fabric. Light and dark, patterned or plain, in all colors and all details, Settings means you want!

Every time we have it easier to choose means in these times because, although many haberdashery disappear (a penalty), we find specialty shops as Calzedonia where you will find the color you’re looking for with no problem. You can watch a total look with means including, navy blue, elegant bet chic.

Another of the colors that pack a punch in the middle is white and off white, a color hard but if you get along well, you stand out from all others. The smooth version is the one most adept.
Although there were very fond of white socks with different reasons, either the average plumeti or other details such as hearts, bows …

The black and white unite once again to create the average bicolor, a kind of socks you can find in H & M or American Apparel. Sox to add more modern complications when combine this piece with the rest of your clothes.

We turn to the opposite side, ie black. Every woman should have an arsenal of black tights for fall, winter and spring. They are the easiest, most useful and also the most elegant.

The black also flooded all types of fabrics that you can ever imagine, like lace or grid making shapes and patterns. Forget the grid always, symmetrical, which ceased to be a few years ago and is committed to grid mix lace making drawings of flowers.

This type of socks are suitable to almost any look required formality without going over. Look how well this girl looks!

February 14, 2011 - Posted by | accessories, tips, trend

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