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Katy Perry takes on futuristic new clip

Not the movie “Avatar” from James Cameron, but Kate Perry camouflaged under a make futuristic pop singer who has taken on new clip of his single “ET” .

The pop singer appears always been emphasizing on the look, but this time she seems to have outdone himself. She has appeared Barbie, has used rabbit ears to celebrate Easter and now, look quite different.

For the clip, “ET” the singer was one of makes a ring with blue around the lips and face, also in purple and details outlined eyes of blue and purple.

Among other outfits that were adopted singer with touches of pink , red , sparkles and colored contact lenses.

The makeup super produced (which must have taken hours) was also complemented by structured hairstyles and clothes full of textures and frames.

Among these hairstyles and outfits stood out the first look that appears in the clip (which you can check here) straight from the catwalk of the summer 2011 Viktor & Rolf.

Was this trend a direct influence of Lady Gaga? Katy Perry has as featured on “ET” rapper Kanye West .

April 8, 2011 - Posted by | beauty, celebrity, makeup

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