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Tips bikinis for chubby

There are some myths that end up taking the airs of truth when the matter concerns chubby using bikinis. All bullshit. Demure people Thing.

Of course, what really counts is the woman feel good wearing what you chose. But here’s the myths that tend to influence the chubby when choosing (or not choose) a bathing suit:

1) Chubs can only use swimsuit.

First the idea of POWER has to come from the person who wears it wants. But there are some (not as many as we would like) options bikinis for those who wear dummy above 44. The search takes longer, but we can find models that are nice and beautiful.

2) Chubby women should not wear bikinis printed.

Another lie. Again, it is the woman who chooses. And chubby can become very well with printed bikinis. A tip is printed using one of the parties and the other flat, which gives an effect of harmony.

There are some tips (See, TIPS are not RULES) that may be of some help in time of chubby look for a bikini that values their bodies.

To enhance the bust, Prefer structured bikinis with bulge. If your Breast are bulky, Prefer bikinis of wide straps that give you more support. Models front are charming and very well may fall. For chubby with small breasts, A hopefully-that-falls can also be nice.

Panties high and the wide side are also indicated, not to leave because “leaner”, but rather because it keeps harmony and proportion in your body the way it is.

With a bit of calm, patience and “good eye”, you can find a bikini that makes her beautiful!

February 22, 2011 - Posted by | swimwear, tips

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