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Zeferino and urban mermaids

The Zeferino, Mark shoes and handbags handmadeInvades the world of urban mermaids and brings the entire 2011 mystery and seduction these characters. With techniques inspired in riverine communities of Maranhão, The brand presents a collection that mixes the craft with deluxe materialsResulting in real gems that entice and fascinate Contemporary Women.

The pieces have variety of heels – the sneaker heels – rich in detailWith a sophisticated color palette and made of silk satin and applications Swarovski crystalsAs well as natural stones.

The line ‘Mermaid ‘ Unique features created with rivets pattern of salmon skin and eco-friendly dyeing. A ‘Scales’, Inspired by the tail of the Sirens brings leather and laser-cut flakes about python for sandals with style heavier. The line ‘Stitching ‘ presents a mix with python leather belmonte – Mix of leather sewn stitching on waxed linen threads. And ‘Network ‘ translates into a network of fishermen flat shoes and sandals with a romantic touch, All adorned with handmade in grosgrain.

Lost treasures of the sea are pictured on the line ‘Treasury ‘ in charming parts with metal details and heelsOf various sizes, made with fachete leather and dyed in colors gold and silver. A ‘Mar ‘ features pieces inspired by the fishWith very varnish and salmon skin in shoes, handbags and belts.

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