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White wires with charm

They say that Jennifer Aniston wept when he saw his first white hair . Without fear or dread, Nicole Kidman appeared showing all whiten it already has. And there’s no way the same: get one here, one there and when you realize the head is full of them.

For a long time, the emergence of the white wires caused panic among the women . But with the technology for cosmetics increasingly advanced, it is possible to take them once and take care of the wires correctly .

A total white look is no longer synonymous with carelessness . Rather, it is possible to create a sophisticated look and unique style, since it uses the right haircut and special care. Who does not remember the posh visual character of Miranda Priestly , played by Meryl Streep in ” The Devil Wears Prada “?

To ensure the success of the visual, the European brand Keune Haircosmetics has a product indicated solely for the gray hair or discolored , which enhances the color silver white wires, remove the intensity of yellow in gray hair and neutralizes tones from bleached hair, with reflections , fuses or lamps.

The Silver Reflex Shampoo protects and conditions the yarn structure, restores damaged hair, balances the natural moisture of the string and return the shine to dull hair. ‘s products Keune are found only in salons , promoting the exchange of experiences with a suitable professional to take care of your hair .


March 9, 2011 - Posted by | product, tips

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