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Campaign released the first pictures of Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

As announced here, the actress of the show Mad Men , Christiana Hendricks was chosen to be the poster girl of the campaign of jewelry from Vivienne Westwood . Were released the first pictures of her wearing the beautiful jewelry.

The collection is called “Get a Life” and the design of the jewels of the British designer is inspired by nature and the symbols of paganism – as oak and heart, which can be seen in the first photos of the campaign.

The designer Vivienne Westwood is only praise for Hendricks: “Christina is the embodiment of beauty and we were happy to wrap it with this new collection of jewelry. His style is so complementary to my pieces . ”

The actress also appears delighted with its participation in the campaign. Had already declared to be a fan of designer clothes as a stylist and now is full of praise for the jewelry .

“The pieces really shine under the lights and I can not wait to use them on the red carpet ! ” he said.

The jewels are made of a metal called palladium , which is similar to platinum (the price should be somewhat higher). The pieces were already available in stores Vivienne Westwood in Los Angeles and London with prices ranging between 320 to 650 euros.


March 9, 2011 - Posted by | campaign, jewelry

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