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Monica Bellucci GQ, lost weight with Photoshop or just photogenic?

We have seen her on stage in San Remo, we found the big screen with Manual of Love 3 alongside a brand new Robert De Niro and now looks beautiful and radiant as ever on GQ Italy , but something does not add up . Monica Bellucci has trod the stage of the Ariston in all its glory showing off her curves and her rounded buttery, Veronesi of the film showed us that the size 38 is not decisive in determining the beauty and sensuality of a woman and we have all seen its forms, perhaps more abundant than usual.

But here she is the protagonist of Ivan Zazzaroni dl photoshoot for GQ always beautiful, always bright, always unfailingly perfect, if one can speak of perfection, maybe too much, I have noticed some weight loss compared with recent appearances, that the service was taken several months of hosting the first in San Remo and the shooting of the film? or even here the hand of madcap exceeded graphics in Photoshop (without need)?


March 7, 2011 - Posted by | celebrity

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