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Home, “fashion” home. The home of Tamara Mellon, queen stilettos.

There are many places where one would like to live, remote locations where Insper adventures, locker it girlshave no hesitation in buying the same model in 3 colors, Juicy Couture campaigns as a player more .. and the house Tamara Mellon.

Discover the Harpers Bazaar has been rendered down to their feet Jimmy Choo. And is that the creator of the now iconic footwear brand and prior magazine fashion editor, has exquisite taste and how well we can associate with what he does for the feet of women who tread the red carpet.

The living room or is one of the rooms? One does not have very clear but the color combinations and styles I love. Yes, so you can see after the body of the Mellon are pictures of snakes. And before, a bag “to take away” from McDonalds. My favorite spot and image. Great idea to create a phrase to our liking with neon lights. And another corner of the room in gold, lime green, brown ….


March 4, 2011 - Posted by | celebrity, fashion news

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