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OVS Industry: the collection of Ennio Capasa Eequal

OVS Industry collaborates again with a stylist of international reputation. This time it’s the turn of Ennio Capasa , creative director of C’N’C Costume National, we saw a parade with the Milan Fashion Week fall / winter collection 2011 2012 between the consensus of experts. The Italian designer has created for the fashion company of the Coin line Eequal , a capsule collection that stands for quality , style and above all for the price amazing. Ladies fashion at affordable prices? With OVS Industry and Ennio Capasa is possible. But let’s see the details of this interesting collaboration .

This new line, which will delight all fashion addicted , seem to fit perfectly into the creative vein that led to the collection made between Elio Fiorucci and Oviesse , very glamorous and youthful.

” I felt the desire and responsibility to spread my idea of fashion designing products accessible to everyone and offering low prices to high creativity. Dressed in everyday clothes for special occasions and for people who already know and love fashion, but especially for the younger generation who identify with the idea of my style: essential, sophisticated and contemporary , “these statements Ennio Capasa, decided to push the fashion parade in bridging the common people who love his unique style and appreciated throughout the world.

Eequal The collection, which mixes art with the first names of Capasa and philosophy of the project, however, represents a novelty in the panorama of ‘ retail clothing , a line pointing to conquer the most demanding customers and projected to the taste international influences: how the spirit C’N’C Costume National!

OVS Industry, after a small preview on the history of Via Torino to Milan on February 23 last year, today will launch the collection in 115 stores chosen on the national territory. To emphasize the absolute innovation of this capsule collection, in stores, the chiefs will be placed in special corner for a shopping equal way .

In short, to paraphrase the slogan of a recent initiative Coin, the time is taken of the Democratic Wear ?

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