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New collection makes Givenchy Summer 2011

The Summer 2011 (in the northern hemisphere) of Givenchy promises to be colorful and vibrant colors as well. The new collection is called Acid Summer.

The collection shows that have come: show many colors in all its products in enamelsIn gloss and shadows.

The signature collection is one who sees Nicolas Degenne summer and vibrant, with neon colors in all products, and very bright. Featured in the gloss colors like orange, pink, purple, violet, among other colors.

Among the other line items are: Le Yeux Prismissime, quartet shadows with bright colors like blue, green and pink, mixed with the glow effect and the other bronze golden colors (it costs about $ 53).

Other items in the collection are the Mister Radiant, A illuminator in the form of gel beads with toners which are meant to give a bright golden brown skin; mask eyelashes Phenomen’s Eyes Waterproof, In a “ball” to highlight the eyes in the colors blue and green.

Already gloss Gelee d’Interdit Smooting Balm Gloss has the choice of thirteen colors different and all with intense color and brightness.

The new collection shows that lipsticks orange and corals remain high next season. So if you bought yours, save it and use it. But if you do not like flashy makeup, this probably will not be your favorite collection.

For the most discrete worth investing in mask eyelashes, Since they have this ball applicator gives a very nice effect to the eyelashes, and Mister Radiant because it is a very beautiful skin hydrated and lit. The products will be on sale in April this year.

March 1, 2011 - Posted by | beauty, makeup, product

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