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Miss Dior Cherie has a new image and the star conviction “sine die” at Galliano

We have new image Miss Dior Cherie campaign with Natalie Portman and what has always been the dream of fashionista with a special fondness for perfumes, seems to have turned into a nightmare in the style of “black swan.” So at least I should see Natalie Portman, Who obliged by signing contract Dior has confirmed to media as Ny Times its absolute Galliano sentence by developments in recent days, his anti-Semitic insults, detention and video that we showed you yesterday.

I am deeply shocked and upset by the video of John Galliano has come to light. Because of this video, as a person proud to be Jewish would I involve with Mr. Galliano’s any way in the future.

I hope this and the terrible comments remind us that we must reflect and address these biases totally opposed to everything that is precious.

At the moment we know nothing of how this will affect the contract and the campaign. First actress refused to wear a Dior at the Oscarsand it seems that the paths of both players are not ever cross again.

March 1, 2011 - Posted by | celebrity

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