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Indeed, not all cowboys are so similar as it seems

Sure many of you you will have noticed that in the collections, there are certain items such as blazers, jackets or even in the world of accessories such as shoes or luggage, that the possibility of progress and innovate in terms of cuts, which will include accessories and are removed, the colors, the new technologies in fashion or not to go further in the patterns, are large and quite powerful and effective .

However, the world of denim and jeans in particular, it seems that part of the ripped, washes in bleach or stone, color gradients, or include an element such as pins or metal in their designs become the only allies they have towards getting a dynamic world in which continuously we are offering a different product as some firms specializing in this sector: Diesel, Energie, Levi’s, Pepe Jeans … What we found from different jeans then ?

A few days ago, we showed in the new collection of Diesel , and introduced a new type of print that based on advanced technologies, emulating the stains of dirt, mud or rust in the pants to get a different visual effect. An effective way to change the creative line of a collection but not “invent” any item or tool to achieve this. Just change the patterns of design and commitment to innovate with new tools (as the oxides are, for example, typical years in Dolce & Gabbana and Rag and Bone )

Well, without going further and taking a random sample of your collection as is the cowboy LARKEE-T , we note that it hides and offers both a whole world. Its main feature is the way in which close in the leg , very comfortable to fit into shoes or boots and can thus achieve a more rebellious look, urban and casual. Not only that, but it also belongs to the line Dirty New Age and has been washed with the technique 8PR , getting through an Italian-inspired treatment with different phases of care and handling, an aspect of natural wear called dirty touch .

It has a narrow cut that conforms to the physiognomy of the body and thus aims to further enhance the main feature that defines what is undoubtedly the flue, narrower than usual as an adjustment to the hip, I actually check that it is not so easy and simple as it seems to have a pair of jeans in our hands or, failing that, in the legs.

February 28, 2011 - Posted by | collections, mans wear

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