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Benetton catalog Spring-Summer 2011. A proposal for styling 10

Honors. The list of Spring-Summer 2011 Benetton has come to light and I have no more than put a remarkable high. Will I be a “teacher” generous? In my view has everything we expect, color, group photos, smiles .. but this time, unlike winter catalog that left me in one or other or not, its styling, color combinations, perfect placement of models, clothing and styles have left me speechless.

There’s something for everyone. From the style of Sandy & Danny , to a chic Amish , a power-antivietnam flower , or courts of Harlem .

I must be honest, long ago that does not put his heels on the floor of any shop of Benetton but this catalog without doubt I will run at. Being so bright this catalog why then the windows of the firm are so bland?

The style Amish chic , typical of the American religious group, with a touch fashionista . The clothes, colors, models, hair .. I can not think even one negative point. We go to high school American of modest young girl. Volume skirts with white shirts mixed with nuclear are beautiful and hairstyles and headbands do nothing but contribute to a perfect styling. Sandy & Danny continue with, or what is the same as the aesthetic Grease. Already we have seen in some other brands like Benetton Bershka and also echo and we wear jackets baseball , retro skirts and socks’s own ” Sandy good. ”

And of course, come after 50 to 60. The sixties of no war, flowers everywhere, love in abundance, freedom and the disinhibition of women in their clothing. In Benetton have given a twist and have dyed colors more guerrillas. And of course 80. The 80’s acid house, the triumph of the rappers, the smily, colors and aesthetics acids from the courts on 125th Street neighborhood.


February 26, 2011 - Posted by | campaign, trend

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