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The new album by Vanessa Paradis, photographed by Lagerfeld, dressed by Chanel

Could not be otherwise. Since that fragrance campaign COCO in 1991, the connection between the more petite diva from France, Vanessa Paradis and the Kaiser German Karl Lagerfeld has been an ongoing love story with a new happy ending. Vanessa Paradis tour opens this week at the theater beacon in New York what are the new dates of your disk une nuit Versailles, graphic content is the result of the merger of several genius.

Photo session by Karl Lagerfeld , dressed in haute couture and pret a porter at exclusive Chanel and private rooms where Marie Antoinette lived fast.

And is that Lagerfeld’s genius together with the beauty of Paradis and frame them in Versailles could not be less than spectacular.

Lagerfeld although for the place was well known, Vanessa has been reported that she had only visited on a school trip.

Envy eats away at us. And is that Marie Antoinette emulate in their rooms dressed in Chanel and photographed by Lagerfeld, is a dream that only few can realize.


February 18, 2011 - Posted by | model

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