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CXIX beauty tips

This week has been very intense and both Jared and Captivating have been present in the NYFW 2011. Laura Martin has given the best of itself for us to be informed directly of the trends in fashion and makeup of those fittings and fashion shows could go.

You have already read the interviews with Toni Francesc the end of their parade in NY or photos of the parade of Custo . But there is more information and images that you can not miss. Continue reading

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The new album by Vanessa Paradis, photographed by Lagerfeld, dressed by Chanel

Could not be otherwise. Since that fragrance campaign COCO in 1991, the connection between the more petite diva from France, Vanessa Paradis and the Kaiser German Karl Lagerfeld has been an ongoing love story with a new happy ending. Vanessa Paradis tour opens this week at the theater beacon in New York what are the new dates of your disk une nuit Versailles, graphic content is the result of the merger of several genius. Continue reading

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Jared at the Betsey Johnson fashion show at Fashion Week New York Fall-Winter 2011/2012

And with it came the fun, party, color and style than seen in this Fashion Week New York Fall-Winter 2011/2012 . Betsey Johnson is pure energy and proved it once again.

His collection is not suitable for all tastes, but his audience is more than faithful and looks forward to each show. The cat arrives this fall for all with flowers. Even a bride find a different proposal. Continue reading

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Sandals by Christian Louboutin created in honor of Blake Lively

Christian Louboutin , the king of the red sole and heel which sharpened punch, has created a model in honor of Blake Lively .

Since September the news of a possible tribute discreetly swarmed here and there and was now a few months later, when we can see the result of this distinction. She related that this particular love story came from a casual visit to the atelier of artists in Paris, an ” I love all Christian “and” but these are the most “. Continue reading

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