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Stegner Julian style, Lisa Kemp Muhl and Montenegro on the feast of Maybelline NY

Everything good is gone and the Gateway of New York is coming to an end. We still have many things yet to tell, and we will go step by step. Today, two different looks of two different models.

On the one hand, Germany’s Julia Stegner . I also assure you that I almost wore heels and head out. Melana smile and a blonde that was to be the center of attention. Furthermore, Kemp Muhl , also a model, more loud and his inseparable Sean Lennon at his side. In addition to Lisa and Emily DiDonato Montenegro.

Kemp Muhl was spectacular. Makeup, shadows, those stripes … okay, you have to be top model to wear it so well, but she can. His presence is Sean Lennon revolutionized the party.

The look , sugarcane. Leather jacket, gray dress, mid-cut boots black leather, no socks, a bag of brown alligator very lady like (I was surprised by the bag, really). If you look in detail view you will see a shade on your nails. We have the same! Matching it with green eye shadow, you look spectacular by any standards.

Julien Stegner was super easy. Gray jeans, gray boots also, multiple bracelets set, no makeup, a red silk blouse to look up the pitch and also brown bag. Great work, power, perfect for this city do not know what you need.

Lisa Montenegro , do not forget it. What a look! Her look was the most sophisticated night. Dressed in black lace, red purse, Chanel high heels (his partner Emily DiDonato decided to go straight in front) and melenón the air.

Emiliy, image of the new fragrance from Armani, Acqua Di Gioia, and new face of the firm, opted for simplicity and discretion. Polka dot blouse, trousers, black, dancer, matching black purse. Was the most sympathetic of the night, taking pictures with all the guests. And early retirement.

In the gallery you can see in detail all the looks. Do you like these looks, or prefer more that of Erin Wasson ?

February 17, 2011 - Posted by | celebrity, model

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