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Cristiano Ronaldo or saturate a single signature Gucci

If there is something you can not deny Cristiano Ronaldo at least in fashion terms, is that he still has much to learn . In sport, both literally and figuratively speaking if we look at fashion, the kid known to operate with ease and rushes their looks the most: it tries to be smart enough with a joint or at least colorful, and commitment to the aerodynamic design and comfort. But as goes outside the playing field, all the glamor is lost unless you do something to bet a lot lately: go “all against one to one brand. And of course if we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, the firm is Gucci .

More than a football player looks like a model straight out of the runways of the Autumn / Winter 2010/2011 of the Italian firm, with some flattering garments like leather jackets aviator style and collar black or the high blockbuster films -top in shades of cream and dark brown that gave so much trouble last year. Pants, shirt baker, belt and Gucci sunglasses and also underwear I can not say anything. And here is all that we can take the course of the whole Portugal.

His obsession with brands like Gucci, Armani or Calvin Klein, you have to copy every detail of the runway with better or worse but never the same as the original. What I am going with this? For many sometimes lacking in our chosen looks a personal touch , a touch that define our chosen model has been built by us and not merely a copy.

This means that we ourselves know that we have good (in most cases we know) and what not, and how we feel comfortable clothes and identified. It may seem a cursilez as a cathedral but the truth is that clothing does not define us but we who we end up defining it , which is why many times the same item feel differently to people who at first seems physically equal .

And I’m sorry, until I proved otherwise, Cristiano Ronaldo the only mark on all their outfits are tacky dose end as long as you do not catch you as is the case, looks completely removed from a single gateway. My advice: encourage one to combine, seek advice from those closest to him and especially to Mensencia check it out, you can always find good advice in order to build your personal style .

February 17, 2011 - Posted by | celebrity, mans wear, trend

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  1. your good

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