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Jennifer Lopez is the poster girl of the line of L’Oreal Infallible

The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is the new girl of Infallible make-up line, the brand L’Oreal. Jennifer is investing in all directions. It is not the first advertisement which it participates. Recently she participated in a campaign of razors and also participated in the campaign to l ine infant Gucci alongside the children. Continue reading

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Cristiano Ronaldo or saturate a single signature Gucci

If there is something you can not deny Cristiano Ronaldo at least in fashion terms, is that he still has much to learn . In sport, both literally and figuratively speaking if we look at fashion, the kid known to operate with ease and rushes their looks the most: it tries to be smart enough with a joint or at least colorful, and commitment to the aerodynamic design and comfort. But as goes outside the playing field, all the glamor is lost unless you do something to bet a lot lately: go “all against one to one brand. And of course if we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, the firm is Gucci . Continue reading

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Stegner Julian style, Lisa Kemp Muhl and Montenegro on the feast of Maybelline NY

Everything good is gone and the Gateway of New York is coming to an end. We still have many things yet to tell, and we will go step by step. Today, two different looks of two different models.

On the one hand, Germany’s Julia Stegner . I also assure you that I almost wore heels and head out. Melana smile and a blonde that was to be the center of attention. Furthermore, Kemp Muhl , also a model, more loud and his inseparable Sean Lennon at his side. In addition to Lisa and Emily DiDonato Montenegro. Continue reading

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Converse shoe launches in partnership with Marimekko

A Converse , famous brand that manufactures the classic sneakers, has partnered with the brand of tissues Finnish Marimekko to create beautiful shoes.

For the new line of Converse loves Marimekko will consist of three models of tennis, with the most beautiful prints of the mark. Continue reading

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Miley Cyrus and contents cover of Marie Claire U.S. March

The eternal Hannah Montana grew and appeared. Actress and singer Miley Cyrus appears beautiful and sexy on the cover and filling of U.S. Marie Claire March.

On the cover, Miley uses dress bronze Roberto Cavalli who leaves her bare back. Since the entire issue is full of beautiful outfits in a variety of international labels. Continue reading

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