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Terry Richardson, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber

The polemical and controversial photographer Terry Richardson – who remains in good despite being accused of sexual harassment – clicked Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber for magazines Purple and Love , respectively.

In Purple , Gaga appeared in photographs and sexy – as is his nature, and also Terry – wearing a shirt brand Supreme purposely wet. In one, appears wearing only shoes and a skateboard shape that hid her breasts.

Already in Love Magazine , Richardson photographed Justin Bieber for a session that makes mention of Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day in the U.S. that is celebrated today.)

Terry Richardson took the opportunity to take his famous pictures next to their photograph. In the photos, Richardson, and Bieber appear Gaga changing glasses with each other.

Liked the pictures? Not found controversial.


February 15, 2011 - Posted by | celebrity, fashion news


  1. i love it

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