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New trends: lump in your maxi-dress

If last year (or earlier, I do not remember) began to bring back the sheer dresses maxi for day to day or over night glamNow comes a new trend with this same item: knotted low not to drag. Yes, yes, now no longer must suffer if you drag your clothes or no longer have to watch that no one will step on the slopes: a knot is the solution all your problems.

The first to sign up for this new trend was the actress Beverly Hills 90210, Gillian Zinser. Having a strong personality and dress in many of their chances, so bizarre, I thought this was neither a fad nor a trend, if not something she had done to call attention. No more. But as the weeks go by I see that is not only to sport these knots in the bottom of the foot. There are more celebrities they do like her. “Want to know who?

How could it be otherwise, Gala Gonzalez, blogger between bloggers, Trend-setting and inspiration for many girls, wanted to imitate the actress. Yes, and thus appears in one of summer his latest photographs hanging in his fashion blog inside am-lul’s closetThe niece Adolfo Dominguez wearing a long cotton dress green and white striped signature Tigress. His basses are tied, showing to perfection their flat sandañlias River Island.

But there are more girls who want to go to the last. This is the case Whitney Port in his last appearance he did with an outfit composed of two parts: a body full of pailletes silver and black silk skirt long to the feet but with a great knot at the height of the right thigh. What do you think?


February 14, 2011 - Posted by | trend

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