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The styling of the youngest

Thanks to the Internet, we are experiencing a boom of street style and younger women are no less in this fashion, Just enough to see some sets in their Websites as Lookbook. And some, despite his young age, have very good taste when creating style.

Trends are also welcomed for almost all ages: Younger women update their blogs with looks as you can see in the image. A outfit cool, right? Well I think you should surprise the girl in question only has, 14 years old!

The most famous and perhaps the first was Tavi Gevinson of Style RookieA girl who left too soon to play with Barbies to play with designer pieces. His special sensitivity to art and its blends extravagant in dress made it famous throughout the world and rub shoulders with influential people.

Although Tavi was begun in these parts, young women who we see in the Websites fashion, have not been influenced by their eccentric tastes. Thanks they are easier to wear and when is that, finally after all are only girls! The image that we show below, only 15 years old.

We spent a little more big girl, has 17 years, with a truly exquisite taste and a very promising physical. This gorgeous girl who looks much older, also must be said.


February 9, 2011 - Posted by | trend

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