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Gwyneth Paltrow and contents cover of Harper’s Bazaar March English

The March issue of British magazine Harper’s Bazaar brings the actress Gwyneth Paltrow with make and look very dramatic and sensual.

The actress appears in filling of the journal in dramatic visual and sensual. The makeup is in shades of gray, lead and dark blue. The eye follows the trend of makeovers pulls when the shadow is a little eye at the outer corner.

Gwyneth has also provided interview for the magazine and spoke about the criticism he received in his site Goop.

In the editorial, The sultry actress appears wearing a dress printed with transparent and ounces. About the criticism of his site, she said: “There were several times I thought ‘I’ll stop doing it.” People are so bad to me. I do not want to do it. ”

She also said about critical and the decision not to call the criticism: “This is now normal. I do not care. I do not read anything. My thing with Goop was always: if you do not like, do not read. ”

The website Goop was created in 2008 by actress and this is a set of experiences life of the actress and has several sections (Make, Go, Get, and Do, Be, See) with lots of personal tips of the actress.

Among the tips Gwyneth are: “Speak to your good life. Invest in what is real, cook a meal for someone you love “, Among many others.

The site also shows hints of actress lovely places who likes to attend, among them restaurants.

Recently starred Gwyneth Paltrow Campaign watch Swiss brand Baume & Mercier. Gwyneth is working on promoting his latest film work, “Country Strong”, Which plays a Country singer.


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