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Dueling styles: Gucci sandals Olivia Wilde and Charlotte Casiraghi?

Last week we gave you know the dinner that Gucci with Vogue France organized on the occasion of Fashion Week in Paris. There, hundreds of familiar faces from the entertainment world, the world fashionista and d ela entertainment world gathered since none of these girls are so beautiful and divine wanted to lose an event of this wingspan. The beautiful actress Olivia Wilde decided to slip into a fabulous monkey out of the Italian firm Spring-Summer 2011. Like it Charlotte Casiraghi also chose the same style of clothing taken from the same collection. And both agreed with the footwear.

This is a high-heeled sandals of the prestigious brand, filed for the new season coming in a few months. Black, strip and gold accents. The truth is that they are beautiful, sorry for the high price. No wonder all the famous fight over take them, are converted directly into a object of desire for all fashionista.

As previously stated, Olivia Wilde was decided by a single long black pants with the body in green and turquoise sash. Noted for his great cleavage, and finished off in purple bag as a more colorful look. I love how he, God, as most of the time. A total look of Gucci 10. Who could have your luck!

Charlotte CasiraghiInstead, it was decided by a total look in black: the monkey only broke the monotony of this color thanks to gold accents in his chest. Like Olivia, this piece is taken from the library Spring-Summer 2011 the Italian firm.

You know that compararciones are odious but inevitable, so this time, “with whom you stay?


February 7, 2011 - Posted by | collections, fashion news, women shoes

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