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The Bags Dancing

Enough anguish time to choose the bag it will take when go out dancing. Be holding the bag all night will not be problem. Now this accessory will be a point in its charming look.

The “Dancing Bags”Of Amalia Mattaör have a super practical ergonomics that will not interfere in anything Fever of the night out dancing. Used directly on the skinAs accessories or jewelry, handbags become a extension of the body of women.

Anticipating the needs of any demanding customer, Amalia Mattaör combined artistically leather and jewelry. The materials are noble and refined, with a practical and stylish designMeticulously shaped to be differentBy making an accessory luxury object, Contemporary and fatally glamorous.

The Italian manufacturing was designed to ensure the luxury “eco-friendly”. The Most skins and hides used in this collection come from edible fishSuch as salmon or eel, and are also extremely soft and comfortable when used directly on skin.


February 5, 2011 - Posted by | collections, handbag

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