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Hello Kitty Bags: Spring-Summer 2011

Hello Kitty celebrates its spring-summer 2011 with a collection of handbags and accessories, trendy and cool as ever. The line is now beloved by young and old celebrated the summer reinventing classics and entirely new forms in which triumph bright colors, in line with the policy of a brand that has made fun of his fashion eye-catching but a must that brought the success and worldwide fame, reserving a place in the heart of several stars, including overseas.

The brand we all know: Hello Kitty, is loved by celebrities and after his models in eco-leather with fluttering ruffles last year, here’s the new collection, always colorful, fun and trendy, but the most minimal lines.

Hello Kitty, one of the most famous character in the landscape of Japanese animation, has conquered the world of girls but also women with his boyish charm and unconventional, becoming today one of the gifts most popular, and since we are under Valentine’s Day maybe it is good advice for the boys to hunt for the perfect present.

The models range from Hello Kitty handbags made of fabric with the sweet kitten always on top in the center of fun colors and lively scenes, a shoulder strap made in the shape of the little face of our Kitty, embellished with details in relief, with the clutch and clutch in colors more neutral like white and black , but also with changes in red and hot pink , the color of the season, with details in the special paint and zip star shape. Hello Kitty is clearly on display on every model, funny and unique in his own beauty.

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February 5, 2011 - Posted by | collections, handbag

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