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Zara Trafaluc Catalog Spring-Summer 2011

I commented in Twitter a while ago. When you view the new catalog of Zara Trafaluc I had to take several pictures because I did not know whether it was male or female. The model chosen for the Spring-Summer 2011 collection has physical features that confused me and given the usual black and white images it did not help because some unisex clothing passes.

When I saw the skirt and the dress I knew before what was, I felt funny this confusion that trademarks are adding features that are committed to growing in no man’s land. “Woman or man? Does it matter? Unfortunately I do not know the name of the model chosen by Zara Trafaluc black. Very pretty and characteristic features. I have it clear that I will not forget his face. Does anyone know his name?

The younger women’s fashion model comes to Zara Trafaluc the upcoming Spring-Summer 2011 ready to play the oversight, to break any barrier. Long ago that the trend is so common boyfriend season not talking about new fashion. Now back at half the oversize fashion a few years ago. Not as extreme but there it is, with elbow pads included.

Mindful of the impact of jeans. Will the bleach end of 2009 ? Scares me, I feel horrible trend.

For those seeking a pledge of the ultimate women here have the dress that is proposed as a point, black, transparent inner second layer to avoid surprises. This type of clothing will be steadily in the coming months. I love them.


February 3, 2011 - Posted by | campaign, model

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