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Scholarships sweatshirt

Hard to resist a so practical and comfortable fabric. The scholarships sweatshirt, Which had invaded the closets with clothes and shoes, are also imbued Accessories. The plot detached from the cold, pajamas and gym clothes and now gives a super cool style for scholarships.

Scholarships sweatshirt, they can be used in everyday life. They are pieces with bold design By proposing a detached attitude to your look. The accessory provides a very modern look and comes in assorted colors. But the ash remains the big bet for the most tuned.

The irreverent and innovative proposal has won many famous handbags were reissued in sweatshirt. Auslander, Guangzhou, Cavendish and other brands have adopted the fabric in their collections, with looks ranging from street wear to the party.

Versatile and comfortable, The trend promises to invade the urban landscape. To lay grants even more current, the scholarships sweatshirt is combined with chains, studs, buckles and laces, Amounting to even more style and relaxation models.


January 30, 2011 - Posted by | collections, handbag

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