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Campaign D & G Spring-Summer 2011

Fresh, young, fresh and very wearable. Campaign D & G for Spring-Summer 2011 I’ve liked for two reasons: freshness, thanks to a smile with vitamin, evening light and color everywhere, perfectly embodied by Mario Testino and great styling options presented to us, very easy to imitate.

It is to be one of the firms “It”whose shops are homelands celebrities come swift to catch the gravy train in rebatesIt is no accident but the result of a cocktail among the best savoir-fare needle and a flawless marketing policy.

Campaign D & G for Spring-Summer 2011 Red and denim, the flower power chic, gingham + flower… Grab a pencil and paper because the how to dress this spring is available to some pictures. The who, they, Dolce & Gabbana.

We begin with the first of its proposals, the perfect combination for this summer. Red + denim. But not talking about a red either, but gingham, floral decorations, ruffled minis or monkeys puffy shorts.

Points and their guests and get them before anyone else: wide leg jeans and high waisted, jeans and blazers Esparto sandals with large flowers in Campaign D & G for Spring-Summer 2011.

Second proposal: flooded our dress flowers. Again monkeys puffy, Provence bodice dresses, scarves to the head. And one of the garments of summer: maxivestido chiffon flowers. His company, very simple: straight hair parted in the middle.


January 29, 2011 - Posted by | campaign

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