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Arizona Star campaign Muse Yves Saint Laurent Spring-Summer 2011

For spring-summer 2011 campaign the brand Yves Saint Laurent decided to use a new face to star in the campaign.

The model Muse Arizona was chosen to star in the branding campaign. She was photographed by Inez Vinoodh double and inspiration is in Morocco , but the scenery was Bled Roknine Gardens, a 30’s style house in Marrakesh.
The new collection spring-summer 2011 Yves Saint Laurent were created from parts and tissues of the original 70 years . The collection consists of jeans trousers, velvet fabrics and dresses with leopard print.

The original idea of the campaign is to practice sustainability through recycling, in times of recovery of the estate.
At the last Paris Fashion Week , Yves Saint Laurent brought a collection that ends with bows collars of shirts and necklines in the back, and cards made of ocean color, white, orange, beige and green tones and details in pink.

A collection elegant marks a new phase for both the designer and stylist for the brand, Stefano Pilati, who managed to turn features like inheritance and identity of the YSL in modern proposal for the coming seasons.


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