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Different shirts

Tired of seeing several people with the same shirt ? How about coming up with a look quite different with a nice shirt?

Mark Rio La Ditta was born with the idea of two friends tired of seeing people with the same shirts or with similar themes as Coqueirinho, ripples, surfboards and stuff.

The brand sells via the Internet on site and offer spare himself male, female and caps , one more interesting than the other. The shirts have the option of male bald neck , V neck and measures are available on the site (which helps in choosing the size).

As for the female parts , besides the bald-neck shirts and v-neck, you have the female baby look .

The inspirations are varied collections, as forms of art, heroes, personalities , messages, cinema and style that recall a vintage city . Ideal for anyone wanting to be well dressed and tuned with an exclusive piece.

The highlights are the prints inspired enough. My favorites are: with the picture of St. George , The spectacle of Elvis Presley, Al Pacino movie Scarface , among others. It has a T-shirt for every taste.

Shirt is a machine that is the face of any station . Goes well with jeans, shorts, skirt and the more different the pattern more modern look. How about renewing your wardrobe with new shirts or give a loved one?


January 24, 2011 - Posted by | collections, trend

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