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Plus size models – Fluvia Lacerda

We’ve done several posts in here Trendence related plus size fashion, Ie fashion people “more.” Some still doubt that it is promising, but it is impossible not to notice how the fashion market has been growing more and embraced this great number of people who are not named in “Ideal weight”.

Here in this seriesI will talk about life and work of plus size models so we can know them a little better. The first choice was the Brazilian Fluvia Lacerda.

The fine has 29 years and was born in Rio de Janeiro. To 17 years decided to venture out and go to the United States More precisely, to New York, Seek a better life – like so many people do.

Everything began to change in the lives of Fluvia when he was approached by one bus by a woman who asked if she would be interested in working as model – Until then Fluvia was earning a living working as a nanny.

About this event, Fluvia says “I thought it was a joke (even looked for the hidden camera) … How could I be considered ‘material’ ideal model? Model has to be ‘skin and bones? ”

The girl was publisher a fashion magazine and left him a card. Fluvia accepted the challenge and the magazine indicated to him a agency. Things happened in a very fast for the model. Soon, she would be signing his first contract. In her own words Fluvia, His journey in the business of plus size fashion has been a fairytale.

Today Fluvia part of casting of Ford Models USA and is one of the most sought after faces in the fashion industry plus size. He has photographed in many countries and marks and magazines, among which Vip, Kmart, Biluzik and Torrid.

One of his most important work was as the cover of American calendar Curves that had all proceeds going to institutions that treat people with eating disorders.

Undoubtedly, the work of Fluvia Lacerda has served inspiration for many people. It’s a way to illustrate how the beauty take many forms and we should not be tied to a ideal, A standard immutable.

January 23, 2011 - Posted by | model

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