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New Trend: long skirt

For too long the long skirt back with a vengeance in the female wardrobe. The long skirt has become trend and the object of controversy. There are women who love others who hate the clothes.

One advantage of the long skirt is comfort and different than you think, it can be combined in several ways.

In international catwalks, Long skirt appeared in parades for brands such as Donna Karan, Yves Saint LaurentDior and Chloe.

Regarding combinations The first is to use it with Overlays, Use it with long pieces as well. As pictured above, one can use a transparent skirt with a mini dress, or with a long heavy coat and waist well marked.

Another possibility is skirt length and use it with boots or pantyhose. The long skirt need not necessarily be one that goes to the feet, but can go a little above this length, and can even combine it with ankle boots. In the summer, blends well with the and long skirt with rasteirinhas. It is a fresh and feminine look.

There is also the long skirt and matte dry, Which blends well with fabrics and neutral colors. The overlaps are possible as a long cardigan, with the marked waist Or with a shirt and coat shorter.
Long skirts, different than we imagine, can combine with Shirts and T-Shirts. You can use the pieces in a haphazard way and, if you choose a fun look, it mixing prints.

As for styles, long skirt has the option in black, more basic and gives to “play” with more combinations, has skirts and transparent bright that can be used even in daylight.

There are also long skirts in 1950s styleWhich models are shorter (at about one half of the cinnamon) that give to create his version of retro look.
And in skirts romantic, Made in lightweight fabrics that can counter with accessories and even overlapping with heavy stockings.

For hot days, One can choose the skirts of light fabric, a sandal or a Sneaker. Options to use its long skirt of your choice will not miss.


January 23, 2011 - Posted by | tips, trend

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