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Rihanna with a Missoni bikini

But that envy these celebrities to the sea when we are dying of cold. Rihanna decided to spend the Christmas holidays at his home and was photographed islands in the sea Barbados Missoni signed with a nice bikini. The Missoni fashion is very pretty and original, the fabric dyed with these decorations became a zig zag must have around the world, as women and celebrities with beautiful clothing and fashion accessories.

Rihanna has chosen to return to his home in the island of Barbados, That is where it all began, where someone has believed in her, causing her to grow up to consecrate a star International that fills stadiums and plazas all over the world.

What a softie Rihanna who returns home for the Holidays, Right? Today we see the waves of the sea in Barbados with a delicious Missoni bikini that should be part of the spring / summer 2011 or perhaps CruiseIt matters little that the collection is so cute it is still on.

The Missoni bikini worn by Rihanna shows off her perfect body and skeletal, some things are not much injured right but in most cases the result is exceptional, just like now.

What do you think? Do you like this bikini? If you want it well you will also pay € 393.80.

January 22, 2011 - Posted by | celebrity, trend

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