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Ideas of Pretty Ballerinas in a Valentine’s Day

A woman giving her a pair of shoes is a guaranteed success. So, if you know what kind of shoes gift, you must understand that ballerinas are a comfortable choice, modern and yet elegant. For the wearer feel comfortable and to the combine with a variety of garments.

Thus, with the arrival of Valentine, Pretty Ballerinas is a good chance and if you can find in their catalog, find models varied, colorful, original and fun. Of course, if you want something more specific and romantic, from Compradicción We have made a selection of some designs that might be better suited to the occasion in which the lovers celebrate their day.

Thus, one of the options is Rosario Model presented with a small heel of an inch, buff and detail a heart-shaped padlock on one foot and with a wrench in the other. Then, this model is available in two versions: red with gold accents and black with silver details. Price? 169 euros.

Meanwhile, Rosario another model is presented in black and gray with a red heart on each foot hooked on footwear with a kind of metal pin with small balls on each end. The price of these ballerinas is 225 euros.

For their part, have chosen an extremely romantic, not because their hearts on their surface but looks so feminine. Rita is the model which, on its white background has a red textile design, elegant floral design complete with the tip also in that tone. Price? 129 euros.

Meanwhile, those who want to give an original and personal touch to the gift can choose the model Rosario ready to customize with a message or drawing. Of course, as is shown in white leather and comes with three markers: black, purple and red. So who will give away the ballerinas can leave a message embodied in footwear. Without doubt a very fun option. Although there will think very carefully what to say before writing it, because once there can not be deleted. Price? 139 euros.


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