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Hard times? Even our lingerie change

We found that during periods of economic crisis, women react when taking a deep rouge red more often than in other historical periods, but the lingerie I had never heard of: when the going gets too tough change our underwear. Economists should look at the collections of lingerie as well as the developments of stock prices to refine the predictions?

It seems clear that the tendency is to turn to more opaque, but more women leaders – the high life in panties, bras like bras – with clear references to the fifties. Explain the expert Caroline Grelle that fifties post-war period, representation of women from the harsh conditions before the ransom they wanted to have fun, play, get out of the way the austere spirit that had dominated their own lives and therefore the their way of dressing.

Here is more opaque models but at the same time enhances the well-rounded, play with the colors and decorations, especially the irony. There is a desire for lightness, but in its most full of jokes you can imagine. Ban bras minimal, the almost invisible thong. The icon? Bettie Page. The diktat: sculpt your body by highlighting the curves.


January 18, 2011 - Posted by | lingerie

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