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New Year and new promises. Among them, renew your wardrobe. But you not need to spend much for that. Just be parts wildcards and learn to combine them, Abusing of creativity and accessories.

We seek 10 essentials that can not miss in your closet, regardless of the season. Combining them, you can resolve almost all situations, And sends him away that annoying question: “What clothes do I go?”

The famous little black dress resolve any situation. One tip is to have two of them in the closet: one for the day to day, from work to meeting the children at school, passing by that shopping trip. The other, For times like a wedding or a dinner with her husband, boyfriend, friends or suitor.

Is a white shirt item that never goes out of fashion. Take home a short and a long. You can combine them with jeans or social. Fall well day or night. It just depends on the accessories that you will combine them.

In shade, can mount a casual look With blouse, or more sophisticatedWith a shirt.

Have multiple in cabinet various colors and cuts. It is a versatile piece and combinations can go from sophisticated, Used with slacks and blazer, the sporting, Used with jeans.

Lose weight and gives elegance. Can be combined with shirt, jacket, shirt.

For relaxing moments. Can be used with shoes or sandals.

Matches jeans to use more sports or skirt (Or slacks) for a behaved more visual.

It combines with almost everything – Jeans, social, skirt, dress. Prefer the dark tones, Which are easier to combine.

Flexible, can be used in the morning, afternoon or evening in almost all situations. Just not for a trip to the field, if found with grass, dirt and other mishaps of rural life.

For something more relaxed, Comfort is everything. Go casual tennis (not those from academia, ok?).

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