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Herself, the green dress that purifies the air

The dress you see in the picture is not any garment, and not only the aesthetic to make it special: Herself is called, is part of a program called Catalytic Clothing and is a prototype, the result of a collaboration between the London College of Fashion, University of Sheffield and the University of Ulster.

Why all these institutions would give so much to do for a simple dress? Why is not simple, really: it is a garment that the intent of its developers should be able to reduce contaminants in the surrounding air, helping to purify the environment.

The “miracle” is possible thanks to a special mixture of cement, made transparent by the Italian company Italcementi and casting sull’abito: using sunlight as a catalyst, titanium dioxide on the surface of the material react with the contaminants air, reducing nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide in the surrounding area up to 65%.

The result is purely aesthetic, Herself and his “descendants” should not cause too much concern in women’s clothing careful. It only remains to be seen whether the idea of “wearing” a casting of concrete, as transparent, befitting the hardcore fashionistas … but if the properties of these clothes are really so revolutionary, it is worth not to be swayed!


January 17, 2011 - Posted by | trend

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