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Closing Fashion Rio autumn-winter 2011 edition

Saturday, ended the fall-winter 2011 edition of Fashion Rio and marks the first day was the parade in Nica KesslerThat presented in the movies collection inspired “Mary Poppins” and “Irony of Love”.

The mixture of the two references elements gave rise to the disposable cuffs, high waist marked, Little tubes, trench coats and long cardigans.

Other elements of the collection were Nica Kessler curved skirts, shoulders marked with ruffles, puffed sleeves, Cropped jackets (short jackets) in materials like velvet printed wet Pashm, Voile, Canvas, among others.

Mark Kessler Nica has partnered with the brand of nail polish Big Universe that produced four unique colors enamels for the parade.

The reference collection Andrea MarquesAnother brand to parade on Saturday, were the Beetles that for the designer to represent human metamorphosis. This insect appeared in many prints from the collection.

The dresses Andrea Marques of mixed just ways and loose trim fluid. The straight pants and tunics with short sleeves just appeared with the same pattern, as fashions pajamas.

Already the brand Lucas Nascimento was the second last to perform on Saturday and explored the simplicity and versatility Knitting.

The collection features pieces with straight lines comfortable that evoke speed and convenience. Waists adjusted coats minishirts, Godes skirts and skirts with slits adjusted rear were the highlights of the collection.

Also paraded at the closing edition of Fashion Rio 2011 outono0inverno tags The Studio and Auslander.


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