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Accessories, Trends for Summer 2011

The collections of shoes, bags and accessories for the 2010 Northern Hemisphere summer (which will be our summer 2011) presented a proposal extremely feminine, and even the use of rustic materials succeeded in erasing this essence. The trends were presented in the fashion capitals New York, London, Paris and Milan during the months of September and October 2009 and there became some of the trends fever. Over here, we can only wait to see what the Brazilian designers have prepared for our summer intensive, parades Fashion Rio and SPFW that will begin next week.

Following the theme of the summer, the international brands that present their collections of clothes and accessories, plunged into a universe closely linked to ancient cultures and beliefs in search of the Puritan emphasis on knowledge and wisdom, trying to show the importance of leaving behind the style eventful life and lead to spiritual peace and well-being.

Some elements of nature or chemically processed in its raw state such as glass, plastics, ceramics, minerals, wood and metals remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Like the natural elements of marine origin, plant and animal: shells, coral, flowers, leather and feathers.


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