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1st and 2nd day of Fashion Rio autumn-winter 2011 edition

Began on Tuesday the parades major brands in Fashion Rio, Edited Autumn-Winter 2011. This year’s theme, “Alma Carioca – People, a celebration”. The theme indicates the identity and the creative force of Rio de Janeiro.

On Monday, 10 days, the event opened with the “Rio Moda Hype which was dedicated to the parade new talent in fashionWhose presentation was divided into two blocks. One of the marks in the parade “Rio Moda Hype, Was the famous designer brasiliense, Akihito Hira.

Another parade was to mark Daughters of Gaia which showed a woman dressed to kill and a game of seduction between pieces with inspiration from Tailoring and delicate dresses.

Between The looks are the Daughters of Gaia fluid and feminine clothing dresses with slits in various lengths and transparencies.

Already Melk Z-DaAnother brand to parade on Tuesday at Fashion Rio, was inspired by the tropical paradise of Fernando de Noronha, Portrayed in the modeling looks dry, with dislocated shoulders, waist and checked, voluminous sleeves and geometric cutouts.

There is a subtle influence on masculine style, Contrasted with the beauty of the models, with voluminous hair, Which seem to have dried in the sun. The shades of sandy beaches, sea, fish and black birds on the island marked the whole collection.

Although modeled on the 2nd day of the Fashion Rio Patachou, Which ended the days of parades. The event continue until Saturday, Jan. 15.


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