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Elin Kling designer for H & M, Model, Fashion Designer and Blogger

A few years ago, not many, say “blogger” was tantamount to feel looked so puzzled by those who asked you what you do in life, today the term has taken on a meaning almost universally known and understood, sometimes declined so as to have different meanings . Dire fashion blogger today calls to mind a blog consists of photos of outfits and ideas for shopping, so it becomes more difficult to explain what you do in life but if you want to understand a blog about fashion, in my case adding the graphics editor and explanation is a little easier.

There are several meanings of the term blogger for some has become a profession, for others it is simply the consequence of having a personal blog, for others it is not a window on the world but for the world, to give you a peek into their lives and even better in your wardrobe. A benefit has been in many, who by inaction, being carried away by a phenomenon stirred up by others and who as the protagonist. Among the latter, the Swedish model Elin Kling that recently, after a year of work in secret, she launched her collection in collaboration with H & M, This is the first collection ever that the Swedish brand, like her, realized in collaboration with a blogger, do not really know what there is of Elin in the collection, but surely the style reflects his personality and the campaign to make you dream eyes open miles of girls (and boys) that quetsi in the last two years have opened a blog in hopes of getting in the fray, a bit of visibility.


January 12, 2011 - Posted by | designer

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